There are people amongst us who are seemingly scared of nothing and the word impossible doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. They stop at nothing and live life on the edge. With their free spirited nature, everyday is an adventure for them. They require nothing less than a heart of adventure and wanderlust running in their blood.

This summer, our collection was inspired by all the elements of the season. The season of travel, the coastal tropical cities and an outdoor carefree spiritedness was reflected in our prints and patterns, while pops of colour gave way to a new season.

The collection highlighted in this article is for those wanderlust beings, for those who push themselves to finding adventure in the small things and in their everyday life.

Summer Adventure

To have wanderlust running in your veins: Say yes to every opportunity that pushes you to being creative. Do something new that you haven’t done before, once a month, once a week and then once everyday. Physically leave your comfort zone and be awake to this moment. Then go ahead and travel the world.

Ps….Remember to always look your best everyday and everywhere you go. Here’s a collection that will inspire you to do so.

Functional Summer Styles

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Part 3

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